Popularly known by its brand name
CRIME SI POA® (Crime is not cool), the Youth Safety Awareness Initiative is a registered NGO founded behind bars in 2007.

Having noted that most inmates in Kenyan jails were youth who got into crime without knowing the consequences of their actions, the founder and supporters of the organization sought to teach and educate those already inside prison not to go back to crime upon release while passing a message to those on the outside not to get involved in crime at all in the first place.

With increased public acceptance of our message in the areas in which we have operated, and relying on the goodwill of volunteers, partners and friends in our operations,
CRIME SI POA® is now primed to move to next level of championing penal reform through social enterprise.

Our anchor partner has been and remains, the Kenya Prsions Service which has granted us permission to set up resource centers and operate from all prisons in the country to spread the message of a crime free nation.

We also partner with all law enforcement agencies,
schools and colleges in our outreach programmes and now county governments have graciously joined us in championing a crime free nation.

Sarakasi Trust partners with us in helping impact art, acrobatic and music skills to the youth behind bnars so that they can have alternatives to crime.

We are open to more mutually beneficiall partnerships especially from the private sector as our activities can be good avenues for CSR.

With students of Ngara Girls School , Adminstration Police and Kenya Prisons Services personnel during one of our outreach events

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